Case Study

Rebranded product for a large Wealth Management company

Business Challenges

A critical time-bound rebranding project had been delayed multiple times and expected delivery by internal IT teams could not meet deadlines
A new business requirement meant redesigning a significant part of the product
Execs were actively considering a much smaller initiative that would have compromised the customer experience

Our Solutions

SWStrategies developed a an out-of-the-box system configuration scheme that achieved the new business requirement with marginal changes to the current design- reducing total effort level by 20%
Our approach divided the tasks in multiple parallel streams with periodic integration checkpoints to work smarter and faster
We partnered closely with Business and Product teams and guided them to achieve the right mix of feature set while also enabling us to hit our deadlines


We delivered the solution in time for Client’s annual sales conference where this solution was demoed to several thousand attendees
Our approach was much appreciated by the Client IT executive team. They decided to model future initiative based on our recommendations.

Technologies Used

C# .Net Stack based microservices
Tridion CMS
Azure cloud

SWStrategies Difference

Strategic advisory
Unique technical solutions to met client objectives within client context
Technical Architecture
Agile delivery leveraging parallel processing
Cloud Migration