Case Study

A Global Catalog for Fortune 5 Retailer

Business Challenges

The product catalog was composed of millions of items and had critical issues including price and availability discrepancies.
Client needed to fix pressing issues immediately and subsequently replace entire system while in operation.
Other vendors as well as internal teams estimated over 5 years with a cost of over $25M to complete the catalog transformation. Despite this they did not have a solution for the critical issues which posed ongoing challenges

Our Solutions

We wanted to quickly solve critical pressing issue to release the pressure and give us more time to transform the catalog. We came up with a unique solution that would bolt on the existing system and address pressing critical issues
We built a full replacement that would not only solve all existing issues, but also improve the ETL performance by 10x by using a parallel execution engine.


Delivered solution for critical issues within 3 months
Completed full replacement and sunset of former app within 18 months for less than $2MM.

Technologies Used

C# .Net Stack based microservices
Big Data, Big Query, Apache Spark, Apache Spark
Azure & GCP cloud

SWStrategies Difference

Thought leadership
Unique technical solutions
Technical Architecture
Agile delivery
Big Data