Unveiling Solutions: A Step-by-Step Guide to Breaking Down Business Problems

Previously, we looked at the importance of breaking down a business problem. Lets now explore the step-by-step approach to breaking down a business problem into actionable requirements:

Consider The Entire Solution As A Black Box:

Begin by viewing the entire solution as a black box and examining it from an external perspective. This approach allows for a holistic understanding of the problem before diving into its details.

Identify The Major Actors:

List the various actors, which can be human or machine, that will interact with the system. Write a sentence describing each actor’s role and consider whether they are singular entities or part of a group. Grouping actors based on similar handling requirements streamlines the design and development process.

Identify The Major Actions Each Actor Performs:

Identify the major actions performed by each actor within the system. These actions can be interactive or batch processes that lead to changes in the system’s state. Additionally, document actions that retrieve information from the system, particularly if the information is derived from the system’s current state.

Next, we will explode the black box and look inside.

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