Inside the Box: Unveiling the Inner Workings of Business Solutions

Previously, we looked at the entire solution as a black box as step 1. Let now proceed to step2.

Explode The Black Box And Look Inside:

Now, It’s Time To Dive Deeper Into The Problem By Exploring The Internal Workings Of The Solution.

Identify The Major Concepts In The System:

Identify the key concepts or nouns in the system. Think about the fundamental building blocks that represent the core functionalities. Map the actions performed by actors to operations within these concepts. At this stage, focus on identifying concepts and their operations without worrying about connecting them.

Convert Concepts Into Components:

Each identified concept becomes a component or an object within the application. Consider whether a component requires multiple implementations and determine if it needs a persistence mechanism to store its state. Decide on the type of persistence required, such as relational databases, object storage, or indexing systems.

Next, we will assess the effort level and reusability aspects.

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