About Us

Meet Our Leadership Team

Our leadership team, composed of passionate industry veterans, specializes in solving complex business problems through custom software development.

Shachindra Agarwal (CEO)

Shachin is a builder, inventor, and problem solver. He has a track record of success as an entrepreneur and CTO, giving him the knowledge of what works in the corporate environment when it comes to building products. His creativity and innovation are complemented by his ability to stay grounded and execute on ideas. As a kid, he loved to build model train engines and cranes out of Mechano sets by using different pieces from different sets outside of the given directions, highlighting his passion for building and trying to solve problems in unique and unconventional ways.

This eventually metamorphosed into many years of product development expertise spanning a wide range of clients and domains. From start-ups to large enterprises, Shachin has launched multiple successful platforms across the worlds of eCommerce, retail, finance, and enterprise technology. These efforts have led to companies acquiring new clients, predicting user behavior more efficiently, developing more robust marketplaces, and selling licenses.

His rationale for creating SWStrategies was to build high quality solutions in a mixed on-shore/off-shore setting. 16 years ago, when he started the company, most projects with off-shore teams would fail. He wanted to change that by providing the right mix of talent and skills in the right location. His goal was to create a company that could deliver results through a collaborative effort, regardless of where the team was located.

Srikanth Subramanian (CTO)

Srikanth is an architect, analyzer, and optimizer. He has a wealth of experience as a technical leader on the algorithmic and operational sides with several large enterprises including Thomson Reuters and 7-Eleven, helping to translate enormous technical complexity into simple and clean usability. His approach is analytical and data-driven, with an emphasis on optimizing processes and outcomes.

As a passionate coder and chess enthusiast, Srikanth built “Cach,” which started as a two-human player game arbitration bot and evolved into an engine utilizing the Alpha-Beta pruning algorithm, making it proficient in playing against humans. This highlights his exceptional analysis and outcome prediction skills.

With a wide range of technical expertise, spanning CGI, Compiler construction, Embedded Systems, and Cloud Engineering, Srikanth is well-equipped to tackle various challenges. His motivation to establish SWStrategies was to provide customers with on-site level customer service through an offshore team, aiming to eliminate the typical gaps experienced by clients engaging with offshore teams. Additionally, he aimed to offer a balanced cost model, enabling customers to make the most of their investments in software development. By prioritizing superior customer service and cost-effective solutions, Srikanth envisioned SWStrategies to stand out in the competitive marketplace.

Alka Nand (COO)

Alka possesses excellent leadership skills in managing multi-disciplinary teams and budgets. She is an expert in agile project management in addition to years of experience in technology and development. Her experience spans organizations like Raytheon, Motorola, and Tellabs. She has had XX security clearance.

In SWStrategies, she is responsible for making sure that all the deliveries are on time and within budget. Her focus on details ensures that all the t’s are crossed and i’s are dotted. She builds and constantly finetunes processes to make sure that the business needs of our Clients are fulfilled.

Meet Our Team of Advisors

Tobias (Toby) Lee

Tobias M. Lee brings over 20 years of global marketing experience to the team at SWStrategies. A former Fortune 250 Chief Marketing Officer, Toby has sharpened his skill set at companies like Guardian Life, Gartner, Thomson Reuters, and Trend Micro. With a passion for driving growth, Toby will be focused on advising the team on go-to-market strategy.

Ijaz Parpia

Ijaz began his professional career in academia, as a member of the faculty of Aerospace Engineering at the University of Texas at Arlington. After over a decade at UTA, he spent several years working on standalone wind turbine prototypes. For the past 25 years, he has worked on application software development and implementation, with a focus on the retail industry, most recently with an emphasis on analytics and machine learning methods for merchandising and supply chain planning. Ijaz holds a PhD in Aerospace Engineering from Purdue University.