The Science of Deconstruction: How to Break Down a Business Problem into Actionable Requirements for an Enterprise Application

Shachin Oct 10, 2023
Part 4

Previously, we looked at the entire solution as a black box and then exploded the black box as steps 1 & 2. Let us now move to step 3.

Assess Effort Level and Reusability:

Now that you have identified the components, associated risks, and complexities, it’s crucial to evaluate the effort level and consider reusability aspects.

Assess the Unique Business Value:

Determine whether each component implements something unique to the business. If not, explore existing similar implementations that can be borrowed or reused. This assessment helps in optimizing development efforts and leveraging existing solutions.

Identify Known Unknowns and Skills Needed:

For each component that needs to be built, identify the known unknowns and potential unknown unknowns. This step allows for effective resource allocation and identifying the required skill set to implement each component successfully.

Next, we will look at some other system parameters.