Gauge Your Project

Because we focus on projects where we can provide the most value, we've created this calculator to help determine project fit. By answering the questions below, this calculator will let you know if we're a good fit and provide a rough cost estimation. We also compare it to simliar vendors that would use different on-shore and off-shore models.

Project Calculator

1. Why are you looking for help? (check all that apply)

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3. What type of problem are you trying to solve? (select one)

4. In your view, what is the level of work complexity? (select one)

5. What are the challenges in building this solution? (Check all that apply)

6. What is the team size you are looking to hire? (select one)

7. Did any other team attempt to perform the work?

Monthly Cost (Assuming same quality & timeline)

Vendor Estimated Monthly Cost (USD) Estimated Savings with SWS