Software Development Outsourcing with Quality Guarantee

We partner with you:

1) We “speak” business. Explain your business and your plans in terms comfortable to you. Don’t have a complete vision yet? We can work iteratively together to discover how best to achieve your goals.

2)  Soup to nuts management. Building software correctly is incredibly detailed oriented work and the devil is always in the details. We are experts at managing this complexity from beginning to end, so you don’t have to.

3) Cost effective with high quality. We have a 100% customer satisfaction history. We achieve this by: (one) you work directly with one of our solution architects with 20+ years of experience and (two) we do all the technical work.


Our Secret Sauce:  Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD)

Guaranteed Quality Code

ATDD via automated testing is at our core. Your approved tests are continuously run in a loop constantly testing all code. We guarantee 100% of our delivered code will pass your approved tests or we will fix it for free.

Faster Development Cycles

Manually testing existing code is slow.  Thanks to our ATDD via automated testing practice time intensive manual regression testing is simply not needed, therefore, we can deliver code faster.

End-User Delivery

New functionality can be delivered to all customers at the same time or rolled out to one subset at a time. Rolling ATDD gives you a sneak peak of how any new functionality will impact your business before it’s released to everyone.

Software Development Outsourcing

To the right is a brilliant explanation of how software development should be done. It was written by Henrik Kniberg at Spotify. We customize a version of this approach to each individual client’s needs. Regardless of whether you choose SWStrategies, we recommend that you read this paper.

A whimsical rendition of how SWStrategies outsourced software development can work for you (we tailor this process to your needs):


How can we guarantee your success?

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