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Presta provides a Rent-To-Own service. Customers can choose one or more items in Presta catalog and then apply for a lease online.

I thoroughly enjoy working with Shachin and his team. Shachin values a strong partnership between business and technology and consistently drives towards pragmatic solutions that provide real value. I trust Shachin and appreciate that he provides honest, direct questions and feedback so that we can jointly determine a path forward and deliver results. Shachin is equally comfortable with technical or business discussions and offers unique insights that help inform critical decisions. I look forward to working with Shachin well into the future! Brad Ellison

Product Owner, Presta

Elastic is an online short-term cash loan / line of credit provisioning application. Customers can complete a simple 3-step application to apply for a line of credit and are approved online.

Thank you so much for all of your efforts and the great work you did to support the elastic Launch! I’ve really enjoyed working with you and really appreciate your team’s efforts.

Project Manager - Elastic

Spendable is an online bank with social networking aspects. Customers can apply online and once approved, can activate and use their debit card.

I have really enjoyed working with you and your team. This was a very difficult task and I don’t know many teams who can pull it off. Thank you. I will work with you again in a heartbeat!   Mike Allen

Product Owner, Spendable

Providence’s Active and Intelligent Monitoring (AIM) system enable users to make fast, informed decisions by transforming conventional passive monitoring into an action-driven automated system.

PSCI products predict the health risks of individuals and groups across multiple dimensions. The PSCI Web Services provides a direct API to the PSCI Health care database using an industry standard integration interface.

RiseSmart has built a proprietary process to match available jobs to the candidate skillset. This hugely successful process is at the core of a number of RiseSmart products.

Shachin is a great technologist and has an ability to deliver cutting edge technology platforms and solutions. He was instrumental in leading the technology delivery team and taking from a functional prototype to production/launch in a very short time-frame. Shachin’s ability to identify technology solutions that will alleviate any business issues is amongst the best and I would definitely look forward to working with Shachin again in the future. Prabhakar Reddy

Vice President - Business Development

iHMED has built a suite of products to automate and optimize the Home Health Care segment. These products enable the agencies, physicians, and patients to connect and communicate.

Shachin was recommended to me by another trusted business partner when I had the concept of an interactive medical website. This is something that I had not done before and I had a multitude of ideas. Shachin helped me put my ideas into a working model which became a solid framework for future development. I liked his innovative ways of thinking and coming up with solutions. He met with me regularly and even met with others I was collaborating with on my behalf when my schedule did not permit. I found him very professional and personable which made the development process unproblematic. Dr. Basit Ali


Applied Practice publishes supplemental, educational curriculum workbooks that enable teachers to integrate student preparation for standardized tests with their core 6th through 12th grade curriculum.

Shachin always delivers on-time and within budget. He is very conscious of the budget and manages accordingly. He is an expert in tackling and solving big problems that always arise in software development, and pulling in the necessary resources to deliver excellent product and service. Furthermore, Shachin is extremely professional, provides excellent customer service, and is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend. Kevin Moore

CEO - Applied Practice

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