Presta provides a Rent-To-Own service. Customers can choose one or more items in Presta catalog and then apply for a lease online.

Build a unique world class e-commerce / leasing Web Application from concept to production in six months. Allow the business team to experiment with various novel concepts including ease of lease applications by customers. Allow quick addition of a number of not-yet-known features to the product post-production. Eventually, build a Web Service API to the product leasing engine which can be used by Partners of Presta.

Implemented an extreme agile development process – releasing a build every 2 weeks. Stay in constant touch with the business team, changing directions as needed.
The product was launched in seven months and continues to run in production with a variety of new features continue to be added 2 years after launch with no change to architecture.

I thoroughly enjoy working with Shachin and his team. Shachin values a strong partnership between business and technology and consistently drives towards pragmatic solutions that provide real value. I trust Shachin and appreciate that he provides honest, direct questions and feedback so that we can jointly determine a path forward and deliver results. Shachin is equally comfortable with technical or business discussions and offers unique insights that help inform critical decisions. I look forward to working with Shachin well into the future!

Brad Ellison

Product Owner, Presta