CASE STUDY - Elastic

Elastic is an online short-term cash loan / line of credit provisioning application. Customers can complete a simple 3-step application to apply for a line of credit and are approved online.

Build a commercial short-term cash loan Web Application using an existing core loan processing platform within 6 months. Allow to interface with a number of payroll service providers for direct payroll deductions. Midway through the project, the core loan processing platform was to be switched to a completely different vendor.

Implemented a Web Application and an isolation layer that keeps the Web Application at an “arms-length” from the core loan processing platform. In this way, when the core loan processing platform was switched, there was minimal impact on the Web Application facing customers.
The product was delivered on time and within budget and has now gone into production.

Thank you so much for all of your efforts and the great work you did to support the elastic Launch! I’ve really enjoyed working with you and really appreciate your team’s efforts.

Product Manager, Elastic