Automated Software Testing Services

We make test automation easy. Manual regression testing is laborious, time consuming, and costly but simple to manage. Test automation is much better, but is complex to manage yourself. We make software test automation simple.  As a full service shop we create and  maintain all of your automated tests. We can even initiate your test executions, if you wish. Reports are automatically generated for each test run. Below is our transparent pricing structure for a standard customer.

Overview of test automation services:

    • we create the test cases and then give you control to execute those at will at any time
    • we update / edit test cases at your request
    • we expose API’s to integrate our test case execution capabilities with your continuous integration platform
    • we generate reports per test run execution

Automated Test Creation

We create automated functional tests for your domain based upon your business rules. This includes all labor, hardware, and licenses required to create repeatable tests for your internet or intranet application.

Automated Test Maintenance

When your application changes, then simply tell us what changed and we will update the automated tests to correctly test your new functionality.

Automated Test Execution and Reporting

Run tests from our cloud or your server. Starting a test run only requires clicking a single button (or, we can setup a schedule to automatically execute your test cases). 

Standard reports are automatically generated per test run for free. Custom reports available for an extra fee. Integration with popular defect tracking system available for a fee. 

We can review your test case results and recommend actions for an extra fee.

How does it work?

SWStrategies is a certified value adding reseller of ZenVerify, a software test automation platform based upon Selenium. ZenVerify is the Next Generation platform to automate test cases. It uses a ground breaking technology to simplify this extremely complex task.  Like all automation tools, it still requires material time and expertise to master. We become your test automation experts! We make it simple for you to obtain the value of test automation without you having to become test automation experts yourself.

SWStrategies will create a custom test automation strategy (below is one example) for your unique needs:

Contineous Testing

Test Automation Services

Unit Test Automation

Unit tests are ideally done by the original developer. When they were not, then we can create them for you.

Functional Test Automation

We record/edit the actions of manual testers so you can replay these recorded tests on-demand.

Exploratory Testing

Manual testing is necessary the very first time functionality is built complementing and starting the test automation process.

Continuous Testing Platform Support

We setup and maintain testing platforms (and environments) to support continuous delivery.

Make Test Automation Simple

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