We are experts in custom software product development offering our clients personalized services. Our agile processes help them manage ever-changing business environments. We have a proven track record of building quality products with 100% success in project delivery.

Personalized Service

We cater to both startups and well-established businesses, recognizing that the priorities of both are very different. We fine-tune our services to the needs of the business.

Our Principals and technology leaders are located in the DFW area and are just a phone call away. We stay in constant touch with our clients, understanding their business goals, and help them make technology decisions to further these goals.


We understand that today’s business environment demands starting projects with less-than-complete requirements. We specialize in quickly building a production-worthy solution and then iterating to fulfill changing business requirements.

Our teams and processes are designed for this kind of agility. Every iteration delivers a tested, deployable release with incremental functionality; thus shortening the Time-To-Market.


We believe that an agile development does not mean lower quality. On the contrary, the process lends itself to produce much higher quality software.

The key to higher quality within highly agile processes is automation. We automate every aspect of the software development life-cycle, starting with software build automation, continuous integration and testing.


We are extremely proud of our pristine credentials having successfully delivered 100% of our commitments. Over the past several years, we have worked with a number of clients. All of them have appreciated the value we provided and have rewarded us with repeat business and referrals.

I thoroughly enjoy working with Shachin & his team. Shachin values a strong partnership between business & technology & consistently drives towards pragmatic solutions that provide real value. I trust Shachin & appreciate that he provides honest, direct questions & feedback so that we can jointly determine a path forward & deliver results. Shachin is equally comfortable with technical or business discussions & offers unique insights that help inform critical decisions. I look forward to working with Shachin well into the future!
Brad Ellison, Product Owner, Presta
Thank you so much for all of your efforts and the great work you did to support the elastic Launch! I’ve really enjoyed working with you and really appreciate your team’s efforts.
Project Manager, Elastic
I have really enjoyed working with you and your team. This was a very difficult task and I don’t know many teams who can pull it off. Thank you. I will work with you again in a heartbeat!!
Product Owner, Spendable
Shachin was recommended to me by another trusted business partner when I had the concept of an interactive medical website. This is something that I had not done before & I had a multitude of ideas. Shachin helped me put my ideas into a working model which became a solid framework for future development. I liked his innovative ways of thinking & coming up with solutions. He met with me regularly & even met with others I was collaborating with on my behalf when my schedule did not permit. I found him very professional & personable which made the development process unproblematic.
Dr. Basit Ali, CEO, iHMED
Shachin always delivers on-time and within budget. He is very conscious of the budget and manages accordingly. He is an expert in tackling and solving big problems that always arise in software development, and pulling in the necessary resources to deliver excellent product and service. Furthermore, Shachin is extremely professional, provides excellent customer service, and is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend.
Kevin Moore, CEO, Applied Practice

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